Throughout history, numerous regions have sought independence, driven by diverse motivations.

This article explores the concept of secession...

Examining successful cases and their potential relevance to the

Cape of Good Hope's aspirations.

A Case for Secession is a timely Handbook for Self-determination, Freedom, Productivity and Prosperity.
Drawing on over four decades travelling across forty-two countries and working in thirty-eight countries on four continents.

The Biblical Precedent:

The story of Israel's secession from Egypt, as outlined in the Bible, serves as a foundational example.

It highlights the concept of self-determination and the right of a people to pursue their own destiny, based on shared identity and values.

From Empires to Republics:

History offers numerous instances of successful secessions, each with unique circumstances.

Switzerland, for example, emerged from the Austrian Empire, demonstrating the power of local autonomy and direct democracy.

Similarly, the United States declared independence from Great Britain, citing a violation of their rights as outlined in the Magna Carta.

Key Principles and Modern Examples:

Other noteworthy cases include Texas' seceding from Mexico, Norway from Sweden, and more recently, South Sudan from Sudan.

These instances highlight numerous factors contributing to successful secession, such as a clear sense of identity, oppression by a central government, and international support.

The Cape of Good Hope:

Applying these historical lessons to the Cape of Good Hope requires careful analysis.

While the region possesses a distinct cultural and linguistic identity, its pursuit of independence must be grounded in legal and democratic principles.

A peaceful and legitimate process, guided by the will of the people, is paramount.


Understanding successful secessions offers valuable insights into the right to self-determination.

While the Cape of Good Hope's situation is unique, historical examples provide valuable lessons for navigating this complex issue.

""Either we go down with the ANC run SA Titanic or we launch out in a free and independent Cape of Good Hope lifeboat.""